Painter Johannesburg

Welcome to Painter Johannesburg, where we offer homeowners a chance to ensure that their homes look lovely throughout the year at cost-saving rates.

Exterior Handyman  Johannesburg
Exterior Handyman  Johannesburg

At Painter Johannesburg we will help you keep your home’s exterior looking clean, leave it to us to watch the paint the dry!

Looking to refurbish the outside of your home?

Don’t know where to start with your garden?

At Painter Johannesburg we will take your budget and provide you with options which will allow you prioritize which area to start with and ensure that keeping your home amazing is not a financial burden.

Call the handyman experts today to keep your home looking amazing!

Outside Painter Johannesburg
Outside Painter Johannesburg

At Painter Johannesburg we have helped many customers keep their outside of their home looking great and we can guarantee you quality and affordability on every job.

Our exterior handymen services:

  • Powerwash Exterior Walls and Porches
  • Repair Porch and Deck
  • Replace Door Hardware
  • Install, Repair, Clean Roof and Gutters
  • Repair Siding,  Soffits, Flashing
  • Remove and Cut Over Grown Trees/Plants
  • Repair Driveway Cracks
  • Replace and Repair Doors
  • Repair Roof Leaks
  • Maintenance Plan

At Painter Johannesburg we look forward to helping you get your home looking brand new without having to worry about costs. Get in touch with us today for a free quotation to get you started now!